Gov. Snyder Launches Campaign to Highlight the Michigan Comeback Story

Focused on telling the Michigan comeback story, Making Government Accountable (MGA), a 501 (c) 4 non-profit, announced the launch of a significant media and digital campaign starting today, through early November 2016. MGA, under their program “The Michigan Comeback Story” has produced seven issue advocacy ads targeting constituents in key legislative districts aimed at sharing the achievements of the Michigan comeback.

“To continue the positive impact of the Michigan comeback, we need partners in the Michigan legislature that share our commitment to the state’s reinvention, rebuilding our economy and growing jobs in Michigan,” said Governor Rick Snyder.  “I am proud that Making Government Accountable is highlighting the shared commitment of these six individuals to continue the Michigan comeback and focus on strengthening our state’s economy.”

Emphasizing diverse Michigan leaders who share Governor Snyder’s commitment to Michigan’s economic resilience, MGA’s issue advocacy ads target six house districts, including (click on link below to watch ad):

MGA was founded under Governor Snyder’s leadership in the spring of 2015 in an effort to share the accomplishments of Michigan’s economic turnaround since the disastrous policies of the Lost Decade. Since Governor Snyder was hired in 2010 Michigan has created over 450,000 new private sector jobs and the state’s unemployment, currently at 4.5%, is at a 15-year low.

DATE: September 19, 2016