Governor Rick Snyder Touts Michigan Comeback Story With Super Bowl Ad


(LANSING, MI) — Football fans throughout Michigan will see a new ad featuring Governor Rick Snyder on Super Bowl Sunday thanks to the Making Government Accountable (MGA), a 501(c)4 non-profit focused on telling Michigan’s comeback story. MGA, under their education program “The Michigan Comeback Story” will launch a media campaign with a 60-second spot highlighting the accomplishments made during Governor Snyder’s administration that have positively impacted Michigan residents.

“Michigan’s comeback has been remarkable! We now kickoff the final year of my administration the same way we began this journey to reinvent Michigan, with Super Bowl Sunday, and highlighting Michigan’s talent and grit to succeed,” said Governor Rick Snyder. “During the last seven years, we have helped create over 540,000 new jobs, had six consecutive years of population growth and drastically reduced unemployment. Michigan is the comeback state and now it’s time to accelerate this comeback into the future, keeping our state on its current path of unprecedented success.”

MGA’s newest spot will be the third time Gov. Snyder is featured in a Super Bowl ad. In 2010, candidate Rick Snyder introduced himself to the voters of Michigan as “One Tough Nerd.” In 2014, his re-election campaign featured Gov. Snyder as the “Comeback Kid.” Now, Gov. Snyder kicks off his final year of his second term with a Super Bowl ad, this time with the goal of highlighting the many accomplishments that have helped create Michigan’s incredible comeback story and a focus on accelerating that success.

“I promise to continue to work hard for the people of Michigan, up until my very last day in office,” said Gov. Snyder.

The spot will be available via broadcast and online throughout Michigan. It will debut on air before and after the Super Bowl and continue to be seen in select media markets across the state.

MGA was founded under Governor Snyder’s leadership in the spring of 2015 in an effort to share the accomplishments of Michigan’s economic turnaround since the disastrous policies of the Lost Decade. A list of accomplishments can be found at

SCRIPT – “Michigan, Keep a Great Thing Going”

Michigan has tried career politicians.
We have tried happy talk.
And, we were fiftieth out of fifty.
Dead last.
Never. Again.
We elected our tough nerd Governor Rick Snyder, and the state got to work.
Five hundred thousand new jobs.
Michigan is now number one in the nation for new manufacturing jobs.
We’ve risen from fortieth to the top ten for business.
Detroit has become the most remarkable comeback city in the country.
Our government is now fiscally responsible.
State budgets are completed early.
We’re paying down our debt.
Our balance sheets add up without gimmicks.
Everywhere, a renewed sense of confidence and pride.
It was clearly time for a nerd!
Now, it’s time to accelerate and protect Michigan’s comeback
Keep a great thing going.
And, never be fiftieth out of fifty again.
Paid for by Making Government Accountable.


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