Our Comeback: Inspiring Better Government for America

“Making Government Accountable” (MGA) is a 501c4 that works to inspire, motivate, and educate residents throughout America by viewing what’s possible when the government commits to acting on behalf of the common good of society. MGA encourages leaders far and wide to take note and realize what’s possible by looking through the lens of Michigan’s own success story. This is a real-world example of how making government better can lead to a brighter future for residents throughout the state and beyond. Why a 501c4? Because we believe it’s important for communities to have a trusted voice working on their behalf to promote issues that benefit the common good of society. And that’s just what America needs right now.

We are seeking funds and resources from citizens and organizations that share our commitment to make Michigan and state governments across the country more efficient, more effective and more accountable. Governor Snyder will be our leading voice. To explain, educate, and advocate how his common-sense problem-solving brought Michigan back – and how it can bring America back next

Join us in celebrating the enduring spirit of individuals across the country, working to ensure governments are held accountable. In doing so, we proudly champion the Michigan Comeback Story project, which is dedicated to sharing the accomplishments of the Mitten State’s comeback during the Snyder era and into the future. The organization was started in 2015 by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

The Michigan Comeback Story is a program of Making Government Accountable: a 501 (c) 4, dedicated to sharing the accomplishments of Michigan’s comeback.0

Making Government Accountable:

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