The Start of a Comeback

The Michigan Comeback Story is a project of Making Government Accountable, a 501 (c) 4, dedicated to sharing the accomplishments of Michigan’s comeback. The organization was started by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

In 2010, Michigan looked like the broken system of Washington, D.C. Government was inefficient, ineffective, and unaccountable. Budget battles were a constant nightmare of dysfunction, deficits were piling up, and there was no plan for solving long-term debt obligations. Taxes and regulations were stifling business and residents overwhelmingly thought the state was heading in the wrong direction after eight years of Democratic leadership.

But from crisis comes opportunity. Rick Snyder, a businessman and CPA who had never run for political office, knew a drastic financial and cultural shift was needed to save the state. He was hired in 2010 and took office in January of 2011. 

Under Governor Snyder’s leadership, Michigan has reduced the state’s jobless rate, dropping unemployment to its lowest point in 17 years. Over 540,000 private sector jobs have been created and Michigan leads the country in creating manufacturing jobs.

Governor Snyder has now led the passage of seven on time and drama-free balanced budgets. He stopped job-killing taxes that were sending employers to other states. Governor Snyder has held government accountable by creating public dashboards for tracking exactly how the state was measuring up on key metrics that impact residents. Michigan’s story should not be unique to Michigan. Michigan’s comeback is the blueprint for job creation, balanced and drama-free budgets, and for making government accountable once and for all.


The Michigan comeback shows that when we work together with relentless positive action we can solve even the most difficult of challenges. Michigan has come a long way since the disastrous economy of the “Lost Decade,” but we need to continue to do more and find long-term solutions to improve our state for every person that calls Michigan home. This is what the Michigan Comeback has done in the last eight years:

  • Since December 2010, Michigan has created more than 540,000 new private sector jobs.
  • Michigan is #1 in job creation in the Midwest.
  • Michigan has created the most new manufacturing jobs in the nation. Over 122,800 new manufacturing jobs since 2010.
  • We are #1 in the nation in high-tech manufacturing employment and in physical science and engineering workers.
  • Eight years of unemployment reduction.
  • Michigan’s unemployment hit a 17 year low during the Snyder administration. From 11.2% when Gov. Snyder took office, to its current low of 4.7%, all while expanding the workforce.
  • These are good paying jobs being created. Michigan’s income growth rate since 2010 is the 6th highest in the nation – an average of $10,000 more in annual income per Michigander.
  • Six consecutive years of population growth.
  • Michigan’s business climate has improved dramatically, going from 40th to a top state for business.
  • Under Governor Snyder’s leadership, Michigan’s corporate tax ranking improved from 49th to 11th. Our overall business climate is ranked #12 in the nation. (Source: tax foundation)
  • Since January 2011, we’ve eliminated more than 2,000 burdensome rules and regulations.
  • The passage of seven on time and drama-free balanced budgets, providing financial security and stability to the state and local governments across Michigan.
  • The Rainy Day fund went from $2 million to $889 million.
  • According to Bloomberg Business, Michigan is home to the nation’s second-best
    credit rating improvement.
  • Michigan’s economic health ranks second nationally.
  • Michigan leads the world in the development and integration of
    intelligent connected vehicles.
  • Over 675,000 low-income residents enrolled in Healthy Michigan.
  • Eliminated the Michigan Business Tax, the dumbest tax in America.
  • Detroit is now the Comeback City. Gov. Snyder’s helped lead Detroit through a major financial restructuring, made its growth a priority and now Detroit is one of the most exciting places in the country.
  • Increased education funding. K-12 funding is at historic highs, with over $1.2 billion
    increase since 2011.

And this is just the start. Join the Michigan Comeback Story and get more news about the #MichiganComeback.