Our stamping facility produces precision stamped components fabricated from steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We also maintain a complete in-house tool and die department with the capabilities to meet a wide range of product development requirements.


All of our facilities are leading the way with breakthrough machining technologies that significantly reduce machine times and costs for large castings. We have a weight capacity to handle parts up to 160,000 tons and specialize in meeting tight tolerances for critical machined components.


We are equipped with the modern technology needed for metal fabrication and welded assemblies. Our welding department utilizes both Next Generation Robotic Pulse Welding cells and certified hand welders.

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Welcome to Dowding Industries! Since 1965, Dowding has grown from a tool and die manufacturer to a leading-edge, world-class manufacturer of metal stampings, fabrication, precision-machined components and assemblies.
We capitalize on our rich manufacturing history and utilize Michigan’s engineering expertise to provide our customers the competitive advantage needed in today’s markets. At Dowding Industries, we utilize only the latest advanced processing methods and assembly technologies to deliver tomorrow’s solutions, today. Producing parts for automotive, railcar, defense and infrastructure sectors as well, we are helping bring Michigan back to the forefront of manufacturing.