Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation allowing snowplow safety lights to stay on between job sites

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018

LANSING, Mich. – Legislation signed today by Gov. Rick Snyder allows commercial snowplows to continue using amber warning lights en route from one job site to another.

“With winter around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the safety of Michiganders on snowy roads,” Snyder said. “This bill will help snowplow operators err on the side of caution and leave their warning lights on when moving from one parking lot to another.”

House Bill 5766, sponsored by state Rep. Triston Cole, is now Public Act 342 of 2018.

Snyder signed five additional measures:

HB 5402-5403, sponsored by state Rep. Diana Farrington, requires written consent from a non-offending parent before a video statement by a minor in child neglect or physical/sexual abuse case is released to an authorized entity for training purposes. The bills are now PAs 343-344 of 2018.

HB 4887, sponsored by state Rep. Pete Lucido, establishes a process for police to place a hold on the sale of an item in a pawn shop if the item is believed to have been stolen, and prohibits a pawnbroker from selling the item for up to 90 days. The bill is now PA 345 of 2018.

HB 4668, sponsored by state Rep. Klint Kesto, prohibits the sale, use, or possession of marihuana-infused beer, wine, mixed wine drink, mixed spirit drink, or spirits. It is now PA 346 of 2018.

HB 5181, sponsored by state Rep. Diana Farrington, expands opportunities for financial institutions or other lienholders, who have a documented financial interest, to redeem a vehicle that has been declared abandoned. The bill is now PA 347 of 2018.

Snyder also vetoed the following bills:

HBs 4350-4351, sponsored by state Rep. Bronna Kahle, sought to exempt all parts used in an aircraft from the sales and use tax. While Gov. Snyder recognizes that robust economic growth in our state has finally provided Michigan with the luxury of considering the merits of industry-specific tax relief proposals, we should not stray from the principles that led to our comeback. Proposed changes to the tax code should only be considered in the context of maintaining the state’s commitment to a balanced budget and ensuring that Michigan can still fund investments critical to long-term economic vitality. A copy of the veto letter can be found here

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