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The Lights Are Back On: Michigan Comeback Story Shines in New Media Campaign (7.11.18)

Governor Rick Snyder Touts Michigan Comeback Story With Super Bowl Ad (2.2.2018)

Gov. Snyder Launches Campaign to Highlight the Michigan Comeback Story (9.19.2016)


Detroit News: Snyder Ads Tout “Comeback Story,”
House Candidates 

“Republican Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday will launch a new advertising campaign to tout the “Michigan comeback story” and six state House candidates he wants in Lansing to help ensure the comeback “stays alive.”

Wall Street Journal: The Michigan Comeback Story
“…Capital investment and hiring have increased sharply. Two months after Mr. Snyder signed the tax reforms, job growth turned positive. In 2011 Michigan added jobs for the first time in six years, and it has since led the Great Lakes region in manufacturing growth.

Unemployment has fallen below the national average to 3.9% even as the labor-force participation rate has ticked up. The jobless rate is still 5% in Illinois and 5.4% in Ohio, and labor-force participation has declined in both states…”

Wall Street Journal: Michigan’s Lessons for Ontario
Michigan is rising from the ashes, but no thanks to Democrats. The turnaround has been led by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder, who took office in 2011 and implemented a number of pro-growth reforms. Those policies are the opposite of the tax-and-spend-and-hyperregulate agenda that candidate Clinton wants to impose from Washington.

Seattle Times: Detroit’s car giants turn to Silicon Valley
for future of autos

Michigan isn’t giving up on talent, Gov. Rick Snyder said in a June interview. Snyder, a former chairman of Gateway computers and founder of investment funds, pointed out that Google announced in May that it will open a self-driving car research center in suburban Detroit, and that Harman International Industries, the audio and automotive-technology company, opened its North American headquarters nearby. Amazon has opened a tech center in downtown Detroit.

Detroit Free Press: Michigan jobless rate dips to 4.5%,
lowest since ’01

“In Michigan, we lost 766,000 jobs between 2001 and 2010,” Gov. Rick Snyder said in a statement Wednesday. “But in the past five and a half years, we have reinvented our state, creating more than 475,000 private sector jobs and decreasing Michigan’s unemployment rate to its lowest point in 15 years.”

WLIX: Gov. Snyder creates PreK-12 Literacy Commission to
boost literacy in Michigan
Gov. Snyder signed an executive order creating the PreK-12 Literacy Commission which is intended to provide policy recommendations and reports on the how the state is doing in regard to literacy.

Crain’s: Michigan unemployment rate dips to
lowest in 15 years

Michigan’s jobless rate dipped to 4.5 percent in July, a slight drop from the previous month and lowest in 15 years.

Detroit Free Press: Gov. Snyder unveils 30-year plan to
improve water resources

Safe drinking water for all Michigan residents topped the list of priorities in the state’s new 30-year water strategy to protect, manage and enhance the state’s water resources, including the Great Lakes.

Detroit Free Press: Snyder touts state’s comeback
to Macomb audience

Gov. Rick Snyder got an unlikely assist Monday when he traveled to Macomb County to tout Michigan’s comeback even in the face of the significant challenges from the Flint water crisis and Detroit Public Schools.

Bloomberg: Michigan’s Governor Sure is One Big Nerd
“GOP Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan shares his keys to “nerding out” and says what might cause him to run in 2016.

Detroit Free Press: Michigan jobless rate lowest in 14 years
“Michigan’s unemployment rate fell below 6% for the first time in 14 years as the resurgent auto industry, a nascent construction pickup and strong private sector activity fueled growth.”

MLIVE: Gov. Rick Snyder calls for federal balanced budget
amendment; asks Sen. Mike Green to lead charge
“During his State of the State address, Gov. Rick Snyder moved seamlessly from energy policy and combating invasive species to call for the federal government to pass a balanced budget amendment.”

FREEP: Gov. Snyder: Time to simplify federal tax code
i9 “The comments offer a small window into what the Republican governor’s prospective presidential campaign might look like.” 

TIME: Governor Rick Snyder Explains How Detroit Was Saved
“Four years after taking office, the bookish Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder marked the completion of his toughest challenge Wednesday: saving the beleaguered city of Detroit from economic collapse.”

MLIVE: Snyder: Merged health, human services departments
shifts government focus to people, not programs
“Michigan’s newly merged Department of Health and Human Services will better serve residents by coordinating existing services and assistance programs, Gov. Rick Snyder said Tuesday.” 

Bloomberg: Michigan’s Snyder Vows to Lead U.S.
in Skilled-Job Training
“Michigan will lead the U.S. in training people for unfilled jobs in an economy that relies increasingly on skilled trades for growth, Governor Rick Snyder said.” 

OZY: The Anti-Politician Trying to Reinvent Michigan
“Rick Snyder is not your typical politician. For one thing, the 56-year-old Battle Creek, Michigan, native is relentlessly punctual, something one of his aides alerted me to when arranging our call.”

Business Facilities: Michigan’s Governor’s
Report – Reinventing Michigan
“Gov. Rick Snyder, who took office as Michigan was digging out of the deep crater left by the Great Recession (and the near-collapse of the U.S. auto industry), decided that terms like “rebuild” and “recover” didn’t fully embody his plans for the Wolverine State. So he chose as his slogan something much bolder and forward-looking: Reinvent Michigan.”