In 2010, Michigan looked like the broken system of Washington, D.C. Government was inefficient, ineffective and unaccountable. Budget battles were a constant nightmare of dysfunction, deficits were piling up, and there was no plan for solving long-term debt obligations. Taxes and regulations were stifling business and residents overwhelmingly thought the state was heading in the wrong direction after eight years of Democratic leadership.

But from crisis comes opportunity. Rick Snyder, a businessman and CPA who had never run for political office, knew a drastic financial and cultural shift was needed to save the state. He was hired in 2010 and took office in January of 2011.

Under Governor Snyder’s leadership, Michigan has reduced the state’s jobless rate, dropping unemployment to its lowest point in 17 years. Over 540,000 private-sector jobs have been created and Michigan leads the country in creating manufacturing jobs.

Governor Snyder has now led the passage of seven on-time and drama-free balanced budgets. He stopped job-killing taxes that were sending employers to other states. Governor Snyder has held government accountable by creating public dashboards for tracking exactly how the state was measuring up on key metrics that impact residents. Michigan’s story should not be unique to Michigan. Michigan’s comeback is the blueprint for job creation, balanced and drama-free budgets, and for making government accountable once and for all.

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